How to Save Money at Whole Foods with Amazon Prime

Since Amazon bought Whole Foods it has made changes to our interactions with the store, including opportunities to save $$.  Most recently, they have launched discounts for Prime members at Whole Foods whereby you get discounts on select items for having a Prime membership.   If you haven’t looked into a Prime membership, there are also a ton of benefits to having this, and the discounts at Whole Foods are icing on the cake.

Easy To Use

Prime is at all Whole Foods Stores these days encouraging sign-ups.  If you are already a member, all you have to do is download the Whole Foods app and login with your Amazon account and you will get a barcode to scan at checkout.

Prices are Competitive Against Other Stores

In the summer, cherries are one of my favorite fruits, but they are sooo expensive.  With Prime, cherries are $3.99/lb, compared to the normal price of $5.99/lb and competitors of $4.99 – $5.99/lb.  That’s at least $2-$4 savings when buying cherries depending on how many pounds I buy.

Cherries – Whole Foods on Sale with Prime                                     Cherries – On Sale at PeaPod

ROI Calculator

Prime Membership:   – $119/year (Up this year)
Less Food Savings: +  $120/year (Assumes that you shop at Whole Foods twice a month & save on average $5 / trip).  This is conservative if you shop at Whole Foods more.
Less Shippings Savings: + $15 (Assumes you shop at Amazon 4 times a year and save $2.99 on shipping per order).  Again this is conservative.
Plus Other Benefits:  + $50 (Intangible Value includes access to free movies and books when you might otherwise order)
Net:  $304 in the Green


Prime Membership can save you money over the course of the year for things you would otherwise be spending on, or not be able to spend on.  The acquisition of Whole Foods and the price drops is making Whole Foods more competitive with other grocers at a high quality and can save grocery money if you manage to on sale items.


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