My First Blog – An Integrated Life

It has been about a month and I have been learning all about the online world and in particular, the blogging world.  Some people make blogging seem so easy, but I have had cold feet over getting started myself.  

What would be my niche?  Will people even care what I have to say?  Hasn’t everything I have to say already been written?  

I have found picking a niche to be the most mind wracking exercise.  I don’t want to be too broad – people will get confused.  I don’t want to be too narrow – I won’t have enough to write.  I am interested in so many different things, and I wear so many different hats – Mom, consultant, cooking enthusiast, natural living aspirer, crafter (is that even a word?), organizer of household things, book lover, runner, field hockey player, music lover, skier, snowboarder, sporty girl?, and the list goes on and on and on…

To make matters worse, once you purchase that domain name, you can’t turn back.  At least not for about a year if you do the shortest term.  I was agonizing over purchasing the wrong domain name and losing that $10-$15.  I mean money is money, right?  Also, my nature with new things is to jump in head first and I’ve made some stupid purchases by doing that in the past so I have been doubly unsure about how to get started.

Picking the Niche – The One Theme

Instead of choosing a topic or specific niche area, for me, I actually drew on my work experience.  As a consultant, it’s less about being smart or even more experienced than anyone else, although you do get to see a lot in a very short period of time.  What makes a good consultant is the ability to quickly extract key themes and organize information.  So, instead of a niche or topic, I thought the thing for me that made the most sense was a theme – the theme of my life and something that I continually try to work toward – Integration.  For some reason, at work, I’m in charge of integrating different teams together, and in my personal life, I’m constantly trying to do the same.

By definition, integration means “An act or instance of combining into an integral whole.”  In real life, it means, understanding that all aspects of our lives are interrelated, and we need to integrate and balance them to be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled.  So what does that have to do with this blog?  Well, you can’t be healthy and fit, if you don’t focus on diet and exercise, and you can’t focus on diet and exercise if you don’t have time to cook and workout, and so on.  And if you have 3 kids, the one thing that you don’t have is a lot of time, and that impacts all of the other areas of your life.  So this blog is about how I try to make it work, with observations or tips for the different areas of life that I’m constantly trying to integrate and keep in balance.  Whether it is healthy eating and living, feeding your creative side, organizing your home, finding fun activities for kids, balancing work and home life, staying sane, side hustles, budgeting & saving money, dealing with grief, or some topic yet to be discovered, I’ll probably write a post on it.  

With that said, off to blogging…

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